Monday, March 26, 2012

Happy birthday to the BEST Mom EVER!

So today is my mom's birthday! I love you Momma! Me and her made her butter pecan cake yesterday and I decorated it today! We made beans, rice, and enchiladas! Boy was it GOOD!
I got her some pretty flowers this morning! She loved them! It makes me happy to see her smile!
My brother got her some pink sunflowers so she added them to mine and they look even better!

My mom means the world to me!  She has been the biggest help since I've had Wesley and Zoey!  I am so thankful for her! She helped me ALOT when I was pregnant too.  She took me to the Dr. and fed me good food all the time!  I love seeing her interacting with the babies!  She is a wonderful Grandma!  I hope I am a wonderful mom like she was to me growing up!  I love you Momma!!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sound Asleep.....

So I am on a roll!  This has been what 3 days I have blogged in a row!  I read to my babies then put them right to bed!  Zoey played for a few minutes and then went straight to sleep.  Wesley surprisingly went straight to bed without crying like crazy!  It was a long day for them I guess!  Tomorrow is my momma's Birthday!  We made her cake tonight!  Tomorrow I am going to make enchiladas and have family over for dinner!  I have a few other surprises up my sleeve too.

Is it crazy that I am already thinking about the babies 1st birthday party??  I am getting a guest list I know the theme and the day it will be already.  They will be 7 months on Saturday!  I can't believe it!

On the way to church this morning
sound asleep on the way to church

Saturday, March 24, 2012

PAMOM Spring Fling!

Today we went to the PAMOM Spring Fling! This year it was held at the Owens Spring Creek Farm in Plano! We had a BLAST!  The babies LOVED the Easter Bunny!  They loved feeling his soft fur if you can't tell in the pic below!  LOL  They LOVED seeing the horses, goats, chickens, bunnies, and pigs!  We saw our friends  Ms. Heather and the Cox Quads! You can see their blog  After that we went to lunch at Red Hot and Blue restaurant, then to Sam's and Walmart.  The babies are now down for their nap, but they are both playing in their cribs LOL they slept most of the day while we were out so it's ok! 

Our First pic with the Easter Bunny 2012!
Lunch time!
Lunch time!



Friday, March 23, 2012

Wow! 2 days in a row!

So tomorrow we are going to the pamom spring fling Easter party!I can't wait!  The babies are gonna love all the animals!  I hope they don't cry for the Easter Bunny!  I put them to bed a lil early tonight because tomorrow I will have to wake them early to feed, then I have to get ready then I'll feed again then we will leave!    We went to visit Grandma Cano and Uncle Gustavo and we haven't been there in a while and Wesley cried when we let them hold him :(  I have been thinking of ideas for their 1st Birthday party!  I can't believe that they are already almost 7 months old!  Wesley will be crawling VERY soon!  :)

How do you like our outfits that AC got us?

Thursday, March 22, 2012


Hey guys!  Sorry it's been so long! I actually have time to blog! The babies are growing like little weeds!  They will be 7 months old really soon! They had their first St. Patty's Day!  We went to the park and they loved the swings.  On Tuesday we went to my old High School and I spoke in a Child Development class about my pregnancy.  They wanted to hear first hand from someone who had been pregnant with twins, and how it would be.  I think it went pretty well.  Mrs. Owusu gave the babies little toys.  I think I scared some of the girls, which is good. It was nice going to the High School since I graduated in 2002. Lots of changes.  I will be having a sale coming up at the Plano Moms of Multiples Spring Garage sale.  April 14th at Cottonwood Creek Church. 9am -12 pm.  I will have 2 tables.  I'll be selling clothes, shoes, hats, socks, and several big items.  If you know any expecting or new moms let them know! Whatever items I don't sell we will have a garage sale here at the house. So then I can get them 12 months and up clothes.  We are still using clothes and diapers that I received at baby showers!  I started them on sippy cups! Zoey did awesome, but Wesley needs some practice.  Pics to come!  I have to take them to a clinic next month to get their 2nd dose of the flu vaccine because their pediatrician won't have it at that time. We hope to go to the ZOO soon!  That will be a blast!  Oh yeah!  I had to return our double umbrella was falling apart and I just opened it! So, I am going to order the Jeep double stroller online cause they don't sell them in the store!  I can't wait! I have been slacking and not putting them down for a nap, I just let them fall asleep in their bouncy chairs or swings.  So TODAY I put them down for a nap in their cribs about 12:30 and they both went straight to sleep.  Wesley slept about an hour and Zoey for and hour and a half!  So I worked on their baby books!  We go to our 1st dentist appointment in April!  No teeth yet though! 

Enjoy the pics!

Our 1st St. Patty's Day 2012
Wesley LOVED the swings!
Zoey LOVED the Swings!

Look what I did all by myself!
Pretty Girl!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

6 months updates!

My babies are now 6 months old!  The time has flow by so fast!  It like yesterday they were just born!  We went to the Doctor yesterday!  

ZOEY-  14 lbs 1.5oz and 26 inches, head circumference is 16 1/2 in healthy baby girl! 

WESLEY- 15 lbs 9.5 oz 27 inches, head circumference is 16 3/4 in healthy baby boy!

Thank you Jesus!  Dr Chambers said they both look very healthy!  After we got home from the Dr. we went on a nice walk!  This Texas weather has been pretty nice! 

On a side note:  We will be going up to my old High School and speaking in a class.  My teacher asked me to come because her students are studying multiple births.  I said "Yes"  that sounds fun!  I had her in many classes when I was in High School! I will update on how it goes!

Don't we look cool?