Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sound Asleep.....

So I am on a roll!  This has been what 3 days I have blogged in a row!  I read to my babies then put them right to bed!  Zoey played for a few minutes and then went straight to sleep.  Wesley surprisingly went straight to bed without crying like crazy!  It was a long day for them I guess!  Tomorrow is my momma's Birthday!  We made her cake tonight!  Tomorrow I am going to make enchiladas and have family over for dinner!  I have a few other surprises up my sleeve too.

Is it crazy that I am already thinking about the babies 1st birthday party??  I am getting a guest list I know the theme and the day it will be already.  They will be 7 months on Saturday!  I can't believe it!

On the way to church this morning
sound asleep on the way to church

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