Friday, March 23, 2012

Wow! 2 days in a row!

So tomorrow we are going to the pamom spring fling Easter party!I can't wait!  The babies are gonna love all the animals!  I hope they don't cry for the Easter Bunny!  I put them to bed a lil early tonight because tomorrow I will have to wake them early to feed, then I have to get ready then I'll feed again then we will leave!    We went to visit Grandma Cano and Uncle Gustavo and we haven't been there in a while and Wesley cried when we let them hold him :(  I have been thinking of ideas for their 1st Birthday party!  I can't believe that they are already almost 7 months old!  Wesley will be crawling VERY soon!  :)

How do you like our outfits that AC got us?

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