Wednesday, July 27, 2011

WOW what a day!

So this morning I completely forgot I had a Dr appointment!  So I hurried up to get ready ( as fast as I can move) We got to the hospital and went up to the 2nd floor, and I was suppose to have an appointment for getting their heartbeats monitored but apparently the lady didn't know I did.  My appointment was at 10.  I didn't get back there till about 11:15.....boy was I mad!  My OB Appointment was at 11 so I didn't get there till like 12:15.  I had an appointment to get their car seats check at my mom had to do that for me.  But good news the car seats were put in the correct way!  Go Daniel!!  lol

Their heartbeats were awesome!  I am measuring way over 40 weeks now.  Dr said my stitch will come out soon!  We had to schedule the C section for 8-31-11  the other day I wanted is booked.  Oh well.  Just 35 more days till we see our babies!!  We are sooo excited!!  We go to next week to get their heart beats monitored then the next week another sonogram. This Friday the 29th I have a child birthing class to go to.  They are gonna talk about I will have an idea what will be going on that magical day!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Week 31 updates

We went to the sonogram Dr today!  Babies are doing awesome!  Baby A is still breech weighs in at 3 pounds and 11 oz.  her growth is normal.  Baby B is growing a lil faster than normal.  Dr says his testosterone is taking over lol 4 pounds 11 oz!!  My Cervix still looks good but I am still on bed rest the remainder of my pregnancy.  Which is fine with me cause there is so much weight on my cervix that I would rather be lying down anyways!  We go to my OB Dr next Wednesday, get their heartbeats monitored, and their car seats checked!  Wow this is going by so fast!  We are thinking 9-1-11 for the C section!  Can't wait to see my babies!!
We have a big baby shower this weekend at the church! I am so excited to see everyone!

Hope everyone stays cool and has a great week!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Baby shower :)

So this past Saturday I had a baby shower at my house!  Here are some pics for yall to see!
me waiting for everyone to get there

Peas in the Pod cake :)


Wreaf my momma in law made :)
Opening gifts :)

Sign my mom made for the front yard!
We go to the sonogram Dr. tomorrow so I will update with babies new weights!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

30 Week updates..

We went to the hospital today.  Went up to labor and delivery to get their heartbeats monitored for 20 minutes.  Both heart beats are awesome!!  Then at 11 am I went to my OB Dr.  She checked my cervix.  Baby A has been breech for a couple months now and she doesn't think she will move so I'll be having a C-Section.  We are looking at September 1, 2011 :)  Next week we go to the Sonogram Dr. I can't wait to see my babies again!  We LOVE sonogram appointments!  Babies have been very active lately.  Best feeling in the world!! 

Other baby shower with my friends is on Saturday!  I can't wait!! 

Till next time....

Saturday, July 9, 2011

I can't wait to be a MOMMY!!

So in just 7 short weeks I will be a MOMMY!  It's crazy how fast this pregnancy has gone.  At first it went slow then I got put on bed rest and for some reason it started going by fast.  We have a few baby showers coming up in the next few weeks that I am soo excited about!  We have their cribs all ready to go. I took a breastfeeding class up at the hospital this past week.  I still have 2 more classes to take before they are born.

Both are parents are sooo excited about being grandparents!  On my side it's the first grand babies and on Daniel's side it will be the 2 and 3rd grand babies.  Callie our Niece turns 2 this month.  She is going to be a great Cousin. 

I always imagined what it would feel like to feel a baby kicking inside of me.  It is truly the best feeling.  Now sometimes when the boy is kicking my ribs and the girl is on my bladder it's not so fun, but just knowing that in a few short weeks I will be holding them in my arms it is all worth it!!!  I keep wandering what color hair and eyes they will have.  My husband has blue eyes, I LOVE blue eyes. But of course I will be so happy whatever color eyes they have. 

I am so thankful for my husband.  He has been there for me this entire pregnancy.  He talks to the babies, says hello when he gets home from work and bye bye when he leaves for work.  He sings to them, so do I.  My sister and brother in law got us some relaxing music for them.  I play it and it relaxes them, me too lol! 

I am just thankful for everything.  Thankful that God has blessed us with two healthy babies.  I can't put into words how I feel about that.  Thank you all for the prayers that have gone up for our precious ones.

On a funny note.....I was thinking when they start talking "momma" should be their first word!  LOL

29 week Updates...

29 weeks!

We went to 2 Dr. Appointments on Wednesday! First Sonogram appointment!  Babies are both doing AWESOME!!  Baby A- Girl- 3 Pounds 7 Ounces  Baby B- Boy- A whopping 4 Pounds!! My cervix still looks good!  Stitch is holding up.  Still on Bed rest!
Then to see my OB Dr.  She measured my belly at 35 weeks.  She said next time she will start checking my cervix. We are getting close!  I will be 30 weeks tomorrow!!  That means only 7 more weeks!! OMG! :)

Wednesday night when hubby got home he brought me some beautiful pink roses and some gummy bears!!

arn't they pretty?