Saturday, July 9, 2011

I can't wait to be a MOMMY!!

So in just 7 short weeks I will be a MOMMY!  It's crazy how fast this pregnancy has gone.  At first it went slow then I got put on bed rest and for some reason it started going by fast.  We have a few baby showers coming up in the next few weeks that I am soo excited about!  We have their cribs all ready to go. I took a breastfeeding class up at the hospital this past week.  I still have 2 more classes to take before they are born.

Both are parents are sooo excited about being grandparents!  On my side it's the first grand babies and on Daniel's side it will be the 2 and 3rd grand babies.  Callie our Niece turns 2 this month.  She is going to be a great Cousin. 

I always imagined what it would feel like to feel a baby kicking inside of me.  It is truly the best feeling.  Now sometimes when the boy is kicking my ribs and the girl is on my bladder it's not so fun, but just knowing that in a few short weeks I will be holding them in my arms it is all worth it!!!  I keep wandering what color hair and eyes they will have.  My husband has blue eyes, I LOVE blue eyes. But of course I will be so happy whatever color eyes they have. 

I am so thankful for my husband.  He has been there for me this entire pregnancy.  He talks to the babies, says hello when he gets home from work and bye bye when he leaves for work.  He sings to them, so do I.  My sister and brother in law got us some relaxing music for them.  I play it and it relaxes them, me too lol! 

I am just thankful for everything.  Thankful that God has blessed us with two healthy babies.  I can't put into words how I feel about that.  Thank you all for the prayers that have gone up for our precious ones.

On a funny note.....I was thinking when they start talking "momma" should be their first word!  LOL

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