Friday, October 11, 2013

It's been way too LONG!

Hey y'all ! Sorry it's been so long ! Things have been busy in our house latley. Zoey and Wesley turned 2 on August 31 st ! We moved to Melissa into a HOUSE!! Zoey and Wesley are talking ALOT these days ! Potty training is goin pretty good :) Back in June we went on our first family vacation and I started selling IT WORKS  :) I will post later on their birthday party :) 

Momma shanks :) 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Here are some recent pics of the babies !


She loves the camera!

Show me your muscles!

Im cool and I know it!

We LOVE helping momma!

We went to the zoo!

Yesterday we went to the zoo with the babies and they have a BLAST!!

Zoeys favorite was the flamingos!

Train ride!

LONG time.......

Hey guys!  Its been FOREVER since I have blogged!  I know.......sorry!
Babies are almost 19 months now.  We go for their 18 m check up next week.  Gosh I cant wait to see how much they have grown!  I will update with pics soon!