Saturday, June 23, 2012

I love my babies!

I know I always post about special things , but tonight is different!
Tonight I was singing zoey to sleep and started tearing up! I was singing "you are my sunshine " I am so thankful that my babies are so healthy!

Thats it!
Night !

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

9 Month Stats!

While the babies nap I thought I would update y'all on their stats from today!

Zoey Jean weighs 16 lbs 9.5 oz and is 27.5 in. Her head circumference is 17.25 in .  Dr Chambers said she is growing good and is super healthy!

Wesley Wayne weighs 17 lbs 11oz and is 28 in.  His head circumference is 17.25.  Dr Chambers said he is growing good and is super healthy!

No shots today!  Our next appointment is for 12 month shots! OMG my babies are growing WAY too fast!

I have been planning their party!  It's gonna be a BLAST! 

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Our new friend Kolten Thomas !

Our new friend Kolten was born Wednesday June 6 th at 11:36 am 7 lbs 13 oz 21 in long ! We can't wait till he gets a lil bigger so we can play with him! My friend B.J now has 3 girls and a boy.  She has a precious family!
After his first bath
all ready to go home!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

It's a BIG thing for a GIRL.......

So now that zoey has enough hair I have been putting it in a pony tail once in a while! This is big for a lil girl! She doesn't even fight me she sits so still!  I am thankful for that the future it may not be that easy! 

I love weddings!

This past Sunday we went to some our friends wedding! Had a blast! Dan met Daniel in High School.  He was in our wedding in 08.  We met his lovely Bride Annietra later on.  They are so perfect together.  They had a very fun wedding and reception in Dallas!  Enjoy the pics!
LOVED the cakes!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

New car!

So I got a new car! It's a 2004 jeep Cherokee ! I finally have a car that can fit the babies and me! I don't have to ask my brother if I can use my mustang to drive!


Here are some pics!
They sleep the same way!
1st time self feeding bananas!
Doggie door!

We are 9 months!

So we are 9 months now! Here are some updates on how we are growing and learning more each day!

Zoey: She is pulling up to standing on everything she can! Clapping and crawling all over the place, and exploring under tables and even in the kitchen. Saying "mama", "dada" "baba" "gaga" Feeding herself yummy foods like: peas, carrots, and bananas! Her hair is growing like crazy if you can't tell from the picture! She is wearing anywhere from a 3-6m to a 9 m clothes( depends on the brand), size 2 shoe, and size 3 diaper. She loves reading books and singing songs with mommy! She sleeps through the night!
Wesley: He is pulling up to standing on everything he can! Clapping and crawling all over the place, and exploring under tables, and even in the kitchen.  He loves playing with the remote control and any wire he can get in his hand :) Saying "mama" "baba".  He is feeding his self yummy foods like : peas, carrots, and bananas!  His hair is growing a little.  He wears 6m and 9m clothes, almost in a size 3 shoe, and in a size 3 diaper! He loves reading books and singing songs with mommy!  He sleeps through the night, but wakes up a few times but always goes right back to sleep with a lil pat on his back.

I am still making all their baby food.  I use the baby bullet!  If anyone has any questions y'all can always ask me! We LOVE to go on walks during the day and at night before we read books, brush our teeth (Zoey) and gums (Wesley) and go to bed. :)  You may ask....why do you brush Wesley's gums?? I do it because it is getting him used to it so when he gets some teeth he is not scared of the tooth brush.  We go to the dentist again on July 4th to get another check up! We Love our Dentist, Dr. Field! check him out!  I will update y'all on their weights and heights soon!  We go to the Dr. on Tuesday!

Our 1st trip to the ZOO!

We went to the ZOO for the first time on Wednesday ! The pamom group was going and it was half price day!We saw all kinds of animals!  I can't wait to take them back when they are a lil older so they can stay awake and enjoy it a little more.  :) :)
We had a BLAST!!!
Our new friends Jack and Justin!
Mommy and Us!
Our lil family!

Our first time in a grocery cart!

I know it's silly to blog about it, but usually I just take them in the stroller at the store. Aldi has a double cart, so figured why not!! They did really well too!

My1st Mother's Day 2012!

This year was my 1 st Mother's Day! I have the best babies ever! Daniel got me a card and some flowers, and my babies gave me the best hugs and slobbery kisses ever! At church they made me some hand prints with a lil poem that I will keep forever!

We had a GREAT DAY!  Every day is Mother's Day to me because I get to wake up to the most precious babies ever!  I thank God for them every day!