Thursday, January 12, 2012

Babies first food!

So starting this Monday we started the babies on cereal! Wesley LOVED it, but Zoey not so much! Wesley has had it for 4 days now, and Zoey tried a few bites today, finally ! My babies are already growing up too fast! Next we are gonna try avocados! Mom got the baby bullet and I can't wait I start using it!

everything is all ready!
holding hands, telling Jesus thank you for our food!
Zoey is all ready
Wesley is all ready
Daddy feeding Wesley

Wesley loves it!
Mommy feeding Zoey

Zoey doesn't like it too much!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Baby Shower!

So this Saturday my best friend, Jenny Grantham and her hubby Zac are having their baby shower!!  I can't wait to see them!!  They live in Gainesville, so we don't get to see each other very often!  I got her gifts today, so now I am way excited!! Me, my mom, and the babies are gonna go ! She's gonna name her lil baby boy Kaden Zachary Grantham!! He will be arriving sometime around Valentine's Day!

Pretty lil momma!
Hope you don't get mad at me for posting that pic girl!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Lets go for a walk!

Today in the great state of TEXAS it was like in the 70's!  So what do you do when the weather is nice?  GO ON A WALK! So me, zoey, wesley, my mom, and missy all took off!
This was the first time I put the babies in their stroller without their car seats and they did GREAT and they LOVED it!
Hey momma...where we going?
I'm ready to go!

mommas view
lets rock and roll!

momma and her babies!
Does anyone have any questions for me?  I could do a blog on answers!  It would give me something to blog about!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

4 month updates!

We went to a new Dr in  Mckinney, Dr.Chambers! LOVE her!! She said the babies are growing very well!  
Zoey Jean is now 12 lbs 14oz and 24 1/2 inches
Wesley Wayne is 14lbs 8oz and 26 inches
both 50% in their growth!
We go back March 5th for their 6 month!
We also go to their first dentist appointment on April 2nd!

Monday, January 2, 2012

1st Christmas, New Year, and 4 months!

So sorry it's been so long yall! Wesley and Zoey turned 4 months on December 31st!  They have their 4 month appointment and shots on Wednesday!  Momma's not too excited about that.....I hate to see their faces when they get shots!  We had a GREAT first Christmas with the babies!  They got lots of stuff!  We went to the Plano Moms of Multiples party and got to see Santa for the 1st time, and they did GREAT!  For New years we went to Great Grandma Cano's house!  That was fun!  They slept for the most part.
Zoey has been rolling over ALOT now!  Wesley has a few times, but his sister is definitely beating him!
Here are some pics!

Merry Christmas 2011

Our 1st Christmas!

Our 1st Christmas tree

Craft time!
1st ornament!

Some gifts

Santa 2011
Momma and her babies

oh yeah ....I am gonna try to update more often now!
I will let yall know how much they weigh after their 4 month appointment!