Monday, January 2, 2012

1st Christmas, New Year, and 4 months!

So sorry it's been so long yall! Wesley and Zoey turned 4 months on December 31st!  They have their 4 month appointment and shots on Wednesday!  Momma's not too excited about that.....I hate to see their faces when they get shots!  We had a GREAT first Christmas with the babies!  They got lots of stuff!  We went to the Plano Moms of Multiples party and got to see Santa for the 1st time, and they did GREAT!  For New years we went to Great Grandma Cano's house!  That was fun!  They slept for the most part.
Zoey has been rolling over ALOT now!  Wesley has a few times, but his sister is definitely beating him!
Here are some pics!

Merry Christmas 2011

Our 1st Christmas!

Our 1st Christmas tree

Craft time!
1st ornament!

Some gifts

Santa 2011
Momma and her babies

oh yeah ....I am gonna try to update more often now!
I will let yall know how much they weigh after their 4 month appointment!

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