Friday, January 6, 2012

Lets go for a walk!

Today in the great state of TEXAS it was like in the 70's!  So what do you do when the weather is nice?  GO ON A WALK! So me, zoey, wesley, my mom, and missy all took off!
This was the first time I put the babies in their stroller without their car seats and they did GREAT and they LOVED it!
Hey momma...where we going?
I'm ready to go!

mommas view
lets rock and roll!

momma and her babies!
Does anyone have any questions for me?  I could do a blog on answers!  It would give me something to blog about!


  1. What type of stroller do you have and do you recommend it? I had a regular double Graco stroller and we have outgrown it! I'm on the for a new stroller!

    Halos are wearable blankets that babies wear to bed. My babies love them!

    1. I have a double graco stroller.I like it! i bought it slightly used.