Tuesday, March 6, 2012

6 months updates!

My babies are now 6 months old!  The time has flow by so fast!  It like yesterday they were just born!  We went to the Doctor yesterday!  

ZOEY-  14 lbs 1.5oz and 26 inches, head circumference is 16 1/2 in healthy baby girl! 

WESLEY- 15 lbs 9.5 oz 27 inches, head circumference is 16 3/4 in healthy baby boy!

Thank you Jesus!  Dr Chambers said they both look very healthy!  After we got home from the Dr. we went on a nice walk!  This Texas weather has been pretty nice! 

On a side note:  We will be going up to my old High School and speaking in a class.  My teacher asked me to come because her students are studying multiple births.  I said "Yes"  that sounds fun!  I had her in many classes when I was in High School! I will update on how it goes!

Don't we look cool?

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