Monday, March 26, 2012

Happy birthday to the BEST Mom EVER!

So today is my mom's birthday! I love you Momma! Me and her made her butter pecan cake yesterday and I decorated it today! We made beans, rice, and enchiladas! Boy was it GOOD!
I got her some pretty flowers this morning! She loved them! It makes me happy to see her smile!
My brother got her some pink sunflowers so she added them to mine and they look even better!

My mom means the world to me!  She has been the biggest help since I've had Wesley and Zoey!  I am so thankful for her! She helped me ALOT when I was pregnant too.  She took me to the Dr. and fed me good food all the time!  I love seeing her interacting with the babies!  She is a wonderful Grandma!  I hope I am a wonderful mom like she was to me growing up!  I love you Momma!!

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