Wednesday, May 25, 2011

23 week Dr.appointment and updates...

So I went to the Dr. today.  She measured my tummy and I am measuring at 26 weeks!  She said that the surgery went really well and I have a nice long cervix now.  Babies heart beats are looking great!  Good news....I didn't gain any weight!!  Go ME!! 

Today I wore my new shirt my friend Amber Merritt got me for my birthday! Thanks girl!
While we were out me and my mom went to get a pedicure too!  Their chairs leaned back so I was good!

Then after that we picked up some Chinese food!  Got it to go and went back home and had a good lunch!  Thanks momma!!  I love you!  Thank you for ALL you do!!

So an update on bed's going OK so far... I watch Netflix!  Lately my show has been Take Home Chef!  I've been learning how too cook all kinds of stuff....for when I have time after my lil monkeys are born!  HA!  I take naps on and off during the day which is good for the babies!  I am starting to get uncomfortable at night when I sleep.....that and getting up to go to the bathroom like 2 to 3 times a night! 
GOOD NEWS!!  Hubby got another RAISE!!  Thank you Jesus!
I scheduled my maternity pictures!  so excited about that! Amy is gonna come to the house! Not what I wanted but I cant get out to take pictures now that I am on bed rest!  I have a friend whos gonna do my hair and makeup!  Thanks Amanda!  You rock!

Till next time....

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