Monday, May 16, 2011


So I thought I would post some facts about me for those who don't know me that well....

1. I was born in Houston,TX
2. I am half Colombian
3. I have 1 brother.  I must say I wouldn't trade him.
4. I absolutely LOVE my family!  I wouldn't be where I am today without them!
5. I am married to my Best Friend.  Been married for 3 years now!
6. I love my Uncle Tony!
7. I love the color purple!
8. I love my eyes!
9. I have freckles on my face and am proud of it!
10. I love my In laws to death! 
11. Pet peeve #1 when someone leaves the microwave blinking a time. #2 when the power goes out and all the clocks are blinking. #3 stupid drivers!
12. I love OU!
13. I love watching the fights lol!
14. Me and my mom are very close!  She's the best MOMMA ever!
15.  We are naming our twins after my grandparents....their middle names!
16. I love my Iphone!
17. I love leopard print!
18.I CAN'T wait to be a momma!
19. I love my naps....I actually get them now since I am on bed rest!
20. I love pickles!
21. I love my niece Callie Faith Shanks!  She's so adorable! 
22.  I love my car!  But sad that I have to sell it...Mustang can't fit my babies!
23. I speak Spanish!
24. I love milk!  I have to....I have to drink 3 glasses a day!
25. I am addicted to Face book!
26. My second toe is longer that my first toe.....don't judge me! lol
27. My favorite Actor is Adam Sandler....Actress is Julia Roberts.
28. I love that I can fix my hair straight and curly! Love those natural curls!!
29. I lived in the same house for 18 years.....after high school we moved to a new house. 
30. I grew up in Frisco, TX
31. I LOVE my life!

So I hope yall have gotten to know me a lil better now!

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