Saturday, May 14, 2011

Lets have a BABY!

So last year we decided we wanted to start a family.  We tried for about 5 or 6 months or so.  In January I started feeling some symptoms, so I took a pregnancy test.  It was negative, then a week or so it was positive!!  I am pregnant!  I was crying and excited all at the same time. 
So then I went to Walmart and bought a poster board, a pink outfit and blue outfit, and a pink and blue sharpees.  I went back to our apartment and made a poster for hubby and put it on the wall for him to see when he got home from work!  He was soo EXCITED!!!  He picked me up and hugged me for a long time!  We are gonna be PARENTS!!!

The next morning I called the OB Dr. and set up and appointment for February 9th!  I had to wait about about a week to go to the Dr. and man it felt like FOREVER!!

One night we were at my parents for my cousins Santiago's birthday.  We were all sitting watching tv, so we thought it was the perfect time to tell my family!  So I busted out saying " Well everyone one I have something to say!"  "I'm PREGNANT!!"  Everyone was sooo happy!!  My mom starts crying instantly!!  My family is soooo excited!!!

The next night we wanted to drive to Daniel's parents house, but the ice storm hit so we had to keep it a secret from them for a few days.  When we finally made it to their house we told them they were going to be grandparents again ( Dan's brother has a little girl) they were sooooo excited!!!! 
We are soo BLESSED to have the best family!!

So Feburary 9 th came along.  The appointment was like at 1:30 or so.  So hubby picked me up from work and we went together! We were so excited!!!  I had to fill out some paperwork and give them my insurance card and liscense and I payed the copay.  Thank you Jesus we have insurance!
So they called us in and they took my blood pressure and temp.  Then went into the sonogram room!  First they did an outer sonogram and saw the baby but not very clear, so they did an internal sonogram.  Then the nurse looked at me and said " Do you see what I see?"  I said there's 2!! She said "yep!" I started freaking out and crying, but it was happy tears!  Hubby ran over and held my hand and he was really quiet and had a HUGE smile on his face!  He was taking it all in!  I kept saying OMG we are having TWINS!  The nurse told us that they were fraternal twins cause they have seperate sacks.  So then we went to see the Dr.  She just went over some general things like prenatals to take and what to eat/ not eat while I am pregnant.  She told me she wanted me to see a special sonogram Dr. since they are twins to regulate their growth and development.   Then I made my next appointment for march! 
So then we went to my parents house and showed my mom the sonogram!  Immediately she started screaming at the top of her lungs! She said "I knew it!"  We were both crying we were soo happy!  I know my parents will be the best grandparents ever!   Then hubby took me back to work and I told everyone at work!   
The next night we drove to Daniel's parents and showed them the sono and they were soo happy!  At first they didn't understand that it was twins so we had to explain it to

I went for my March appointment and the Dr. told me that I could not lift more than 15 pounds.  So therefore, my job told me I could not work as long as I have a lifting restriction.  Thankfully they are letting me keep the insurance, I just make payments to them every 2 weeks.  So then I started staying home every day.  I spent my days watching movies, cleaning and doing laundry.  I would visit my mom some days and we would go shopping and have lunch together!!

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