Sunday, May 15, 2011

April showers bring May flowers

So my April appointment come around and we go.  Everything is fine :)

I joined the Plano Area Moms of Multiples that my friend Heather Cox told me about.  My first meeting was in March.  They have separate classes and I am in the Expectant mothers class.  There was a lady that was from Lone Star Baby in Frisco, TX.  She brought a double stroller, breast pump, mattress, and a few other things.  Then everyone came together for a big meeting.  They have alot of members! Mother's of Twins, Triplets, Quads, and Singletons too!  The speaker was a Police officer and he talked about safety around the house. 
April 16th was the big semi annual sale for PAMOM!  Of course I was there!  I got the babies mattresses, some clothes, shoes, a single stroller, a few bottles and the breastfeeding pillow! 
We also found the stroller and car seats on craigslist!

April 26th was me and hubby's 3 year wedding Anniversary!  So we went on a little trip to Arkansas for a few days!  We stopped at the Cliff house Inn and had lunch and man it was good! We visited Daniel's old neighbors from when he was a kid.  We went to Eureka Springs to walk around and enjoy all the little shops.  We found a really good Hot Dog place too!  We had fun in Branson, Mo and we went to Silver Dollar City!  Boy was that a lot of walking! We saw a bunch of shows and had some yummy food and ice cream! 

 We went through this town called Flippin!  We had to stop and take a pic!  Haha

Me and my mom went to lunch with my Aunt Carolyn, we have not seen her in forever!  We celebrated my birthday, my mom's birthday and Mother's day all in one day!  We found some stuff for the church baby shower too!!  We found some cute outfits too!

May 7th is my birthday and we had a family dinner at my parents house.  My mom make her famous Enchiladas, guacamole and cheese dip!  I got some money, shirts, a picture frame for my babies, and some purple knives for my kitchen.  My friend Amber got me a cute shirt that says Mommy to be, candles, and a friend sign :) thanks Amber!

Then I had a sonogram appointment Monday May 9th.  Hubby had to work so my mom went with me.  The babies are doing awesome! Baby A - boy is 15 oz and Baby B -girl is 1 pound 2 ounces. 
After he checked the babies he checked my cervix.  The Dr. noticed that my cervix wasn't completely closed.  It scared me immediately!  He explained to us that I could have a procedure done that would fix it.  I was scared that it would effect the babies, but they were doing fine he said!   He told me I would have to be on bed rest until they were born. Very emotional appointment for me!  So they called my Ob Dr. and she was in surgery so me and mom waited around to hear from her.  They told me to go home and relax and I would be admitted to the hospital later that afternoon.  So me and mom went home and had lunch then went to my apartment and packed a bag for the hospital.  Later that afternoon my OB Dr. called me and told me to go to the hospital.  So mom drove me and I was admitted like at 4 that afternoon.  First thing they did was put that stupid IV in my hand....If you don't know me....I absolutely HATE needles!! Then right as they were finishing that a guy from the lab came to take blood.....grrr.  I had the surgery the next morning at like 7:30.  I was so nervous!  The last time I was in the hospital for surgery was when I was like 2 or 3 getting my tonsils out! They put me to sleep for the surgery.  When I woke up I was in pain and when I am in pain I am really cranky ( according to my mom .)  That day I went to the bathroom every hour to 30 minutes.  Up and down all day! The next day I was in a little pain but not as bad as the day of surgery.  I got to go home on thursday May 12th!  Me and hubby live in an apartment in Prosper on the 3rd floor.  So since hubby works all day we moved in with my parents so my mom takes care of me....brings me food and things I need while hubby is working all day.  Thank you momma!! My next sonogram appointment is May I will let yall know how it goes!
So far it's been 3 days on bed rest.  Thank goodness we have Netflix!  I watch movies, read magazines, and facebook of course.  So that's why I started this blog to keep me busy. 

Hope everyone enjoys following along!


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