Thursday, June 2, 2011

24 weeks updates...

Hey guys sorry it's been so long.....

We went the to the sonogram Dr. yesterday June 1st!  I can't believe how fast summer is going already!!  The babies are growing awesome!!  Baby Boy is 1 pound 15 oz and Baby Girl is 1 pound 10 oz.  It's crazy how much they have grown since I found out I was pregnant!  They couldn't get any good pictures this time so maybe next time  I will have some to show y'all!! I go to the OB Dr and the sonogram Dr again June 15th!  I have my glucose test that pray it goes well. 

My parents went out of town today. A good friend of theirs brother passed away.  So they will be back sometime on Sunday! Good news....we got out of the Apartment!  my Uncle Tony loaned us the we will be paying him back in payments.  They said if it gets leased they will return us the money....and we will have to apply that to another fee for breaking the lease before it's over!  I'm just glad none of it is going to go on our credit!  We are gonna get a house after the babies are born, cause right now we live with my parents, brother and cousin.  We want our own place to raise our lil monkeys in! 
I can't wait to hold my lil babies!  I am wandering what color hair and eyes they will have too!  Any guesses?

Does anyone have any questions for me?
Till next time........ 

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