Thursday, June 30, 2011

Family Baby Shower, cribs and Week 28 Updates...

Hey guys! 
This past Saturday we had our Family baby shower! It was a blast!  We had it at my In-laws house in Murphy!

my mom in law is so crafty!

Girl and Boy cakes!
My Uncle Tony gave us the money for the cribs.  So me and mom stopped by target on the way home saturday night and got one crib.  They only had one in stock.  So sunday Daniel put together one then they went to another target and got the other one.

Here are the finished products!  We LOVE them!!

Baby Boys Crib

Baby Girls Crib
 We just need our lil angels here to sleep in the cribs.  Only 8 and a half more weeks left!!

Yesterday me and my mom went to the OB Dr.  She measured my tummy to be 32 weeks but I am only 28 weeks!  We talked about delivery options.  I wanna do natural but she said it all depended on the 2nd baby.  So I will labor in a normal labor room then they will transfer me to like a c-section room just in case the 2nd baby has to be taken by c-section.  All I want is that epidural as soon as possible!! I only gained like 2 pounds this time!  Go me!  lol  Then I made an appointment for next week.  I go every week now!  It's getting closer!  Then she sent me up to labor and delivery to get their heart beats monitored for 20 minutes.

Dont look at my hair!
Then on the way home we stopped to get a pedicure.  Last pedicure before the babies get here!
Next week we go to the sonogram Dr. so I will update yall next week after the appointment! I hope yall have a great week and weekend!

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