Wednesday, June 15, 2011

26 week updates...

Hey guys!  Sorry its been a few weeks!

Here is me at 26 weeks!
Monday night ( June 13th) me, hubby and my momma went to the open house at the hospital.  They gave us the grand tour of the hospital.  Talked about what all will go on while we are there. Let me just say ....I am even more scared about labor now! Ha!
I got a free bag too!

We went to the OB and Sonogram Dr.'s today! 
I had to drink the yummy orange Glucose drink this morning!

It tasted OK...but then the after taste wasn't so good! Pray my test goes well!  The nurse took my blood an hour after I drank that yummy stuff!  I am measuring at 30 weeks!  My Dr. said that I would have them at around 37 weeks....which is the last weeks of August!  I go see her again in 2 weeks then after that every week!  It's going by quick!!

Then we hung around the hospital for a lil while, they were celebrating something so we got a free piece of chocolate cake lol.  We went to Plano presby for my sonogram appointment!
Babies are growing AWESOME!!! Baby boy (B) is 2 pounds 11 oz and Baby girl ( A) is 2 pounds 4 oz!!
All of their measurements are on track for 26 weeks!  My cervix looks great!  That stitch is doing it's job! I go back to him in 3 weeks....I wander how much they will grow in 3 weeks??

Baby boy is on bottom baby girl is on top!

I found out a couple weeks ago one of my best friends, Jenny, is pregnant too!  I am so excited for her.  She has her first appointment July 5th! 

Our family Baby shower is coming up soon and we are soo excited!  I will have to sit in the lazy boy the whole time but I love it when everyone gets together! 

Other news.... I've gotta sell my mustang.  We need a car to hold the babies and another one later on.  Any suggestions on cars??

Next find a good Pediatrician!

Have a great week y'all!!!


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