Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Last NST Testing and OB appointment!!

So today was my last NST Testing and OB appointment!  My NST was at 1...but we went a lil earlier and got in! WOW!! So I got to my Dr. appointment a lil early!! I made my post pardum 2 week appointment too.  Before we went to the hospital we went to the mall to get some gowns for the hospital... so I just have to decide on a going home outfit for me. :)   We found our baby girl a Easter dress....yes its early but it was on sale lol. We went to target too to exchange some stuff. Then went to taco bell for lunch.  Man it's hot outside!  My ankles were swelling too!!  But now I am home relaxing again! 
On Friday my friend Ashley and her baby girl Emily are gonna come visit! :)

I can't believe this time next week my babies will be born.  I am soooooo excited and nervous at the same time.  I have the babies hospital bag packed :) Mine will be done that morning just have to put toothpaste and brush in it. I put the babies books in their bag because there is a section that guests can sign that come visit them. 

Thank you Jesus for everything!!!!!

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