Wednesday, August 10, 2011

34 week updates... :)

So we went to my OB Dr. and Sonogram Dr. today :)  I am measuring at 45 weeks ! OMG  lol!!  Blood pressure is fine!  I gained a lil more than planned.  I finally found a pediatrician! My OB recommended her! 
C section still scheduled for Aug 31, 2011.  She said she would take my stitch out after she does the C- section. 

Then we went to my LAST sonogram appointment and waited almost an hour and a half!  GRRR!  But the babies are growing awesome!  Baby Boy is 6 pounds 15 oz and baby girl is 5 pounds 12 oz!!  Wow!  just 3 weeks ago they were 4p 11 oz and 3 p 11 oz!  That's why I gained alot of weight!

In 3 short weeks we are gonna be parents!!  We are WAY EXCITED!!!

I will update next weeks when I have my NST testing and go to my OB!

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