Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Updates continued!

Zoey and Wesley are growing more and more each day, and I love being a stay at home mommy!

 Zoey now has 2 teeth, she can clap, she is starting to do the military crawl like her brother.  She bounces her bottom and gets on all fours.  She is sitting up like a pro! She rolls everywhere! She has been using her voice a lot more these days!  She is still sleeping through the night! She loves her food, of course! I make their food homemade, so it is super yummy!

Wesley has no teeth yet, he is doing the military crawl like CRAZY!  If he sees something he wants he goes for it FAST! He is sitting up like a pro!  If you put him on his belly he gets to the sitting position all by himself.  Sometimes he is on all fours with his bottom up in the air, so is so funny!  He LOVES his food!  He sleeps through the night, but wakes up a few times at night fussing but he always goes right back to sleep!  He has started to pull up on his crib. So this last Sunday Daniel moved both of their cribs to the lowest setting, and we rearranged the room. 

I recently purchased 2 play yard gates, 1 was just too small!  So they are safe, because Wesley is starting to crawl under tables and is close to pulling the lamp cords out from the wall.  lol I also purchased a new JEEP umbrella side by side stroller too.  They LOVE it!  We had a garage sale here and I made some money selling the clothes that don't fit them anymore so when they need new stuff I have the money ! :)

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