Friday, February 7, 2014

My first Pinterest project :)

I've been looking on Pinterest for about a year now .... And I finally finished it !! 

Took all the doors off,sanded and added a back piece !

Cut the holes for the sink and faucet ! 

Cut the hole for the oven. Plexiglass 
Cut the doors for the fridge.
 Added a board to separate the dish washer and oven. Also added oven racks .

Dad helped me a lot! 

Fridge and oven doors are on !
Sink in and dishwasher door on! We also added a shelf above the sink and stove ! 

Paint time ! 

Painted ! 

Fridge doors
Done ! 

Close up of the oven ! 
Close up of the stove ! 
Close up ! 
Soap , sponge and their utensils ! 

Food ! 
More food and towel and dishes on bottom shelf !
Baking set that goes in the dishwasher !
Light !
Thanks for looking ! 

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