Friday, December 21, 2012

15 m Stats!

So the babies are 15 m!  OMG where has the time gone ??!!

Zoey -  22 lbs 4 oz  31.25 in.  She is talking alot more.  She says ducka, all done, what is it, who is it, and shoes.  She knows where her nose is :) She knows how to clean up her toys :)  She is in a size 4 shoe :) 18 month clothes :) She has 12 teeth :) Loves to have her teeth brushed and flossed! Walking and Running all over the place!  She is so sneaky- she will run and hide from She loves her baby doll, she sings to her and rocks her to sleep , its so sweet! She gives hugs and kisses :):)  Santa may be bringing her some more....we will see! 

Wesley-  23lbs 13 oz 32.25 in.  He is talking a lot more.  He says ducky, all done, what is it , who is it, socks ( he can even take is socks off ) He knows where is nose is :) He knows how to clean up his toys :) He is in a size 4/5 shoe :) 18 month clothes :) He has 8 teeth and 2 more coming in :) Not a fan of getting his teeth brushed and flossed! He loves the remote...the minute we come downstairs or get home from somewhere he runs to the table to grab the remote...cutest thing! He loves his footballs!  He has one that plays the OU song, and he dances every time! He gives hug and kisses:):)

Dr said they are BOTH advanced in their development for their age :) :)
Love my healthy overachievers!!

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