Monday, August 13, 2012

11 month updates...

So I can't believe that my babies are 11 months old already!

Zoey- She is starting to walk/stand on her own!  Taking a few steps here and there....hopefully fully walking by their birthday! She has 7 teeth and another one is coming in! She said "mama" , "dada", and "ducka" ( duck) She is starting to climb on things, using her sippy cup! 

Wesley- He is standing on his own, but not taking any steps by himself yet. He is about 2-3 weeks behind lil zoey.  He says "mama", and "dada".  He has 1 lil tooth coming in on the bottom!  He uses his sippy cup good, but hes not a fan of water too much!

They are both on the last setting on their car seats, so big car seats coming soon!  I am still nursing and going strong!  I plan to nurse till they self wean!

till next time!

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