Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

The babies had a blast trick or treating this year! Enjoy the pics! We supported OU! Great grandpa Darrell would be so PROUD!!
Halloween 2011
Trick or Treating was a BLAST!
Happy Halloween Yall!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Potty training begins.....

You are probably thinking I am crazy!!They are only 13 months old! Yeah well we are just "introducing it" They sit on the potty every time I change their diaper, when they wake up in the mornings, before and after bath, and before bedtime! Tonight Wesley went PEE PEE in the POTTY!  Proud moment for this momma! So I will keep you updated on how it goes!

13 m updates !

We have been busy these days!
We are 13 months old, almost 14 now!We are both fully walking now!  Have been for about a month and a half! Ms. Zoey has about 12 teeth, she has a ton of hair ( growing by the minute) , still says momma and dada, she wears a size 3 shoe now and is in 12-18 month clothes, still sleeping through the nights. 
Mr. Wesley has 2 teeth and 3 more are starting to come in (finally) His hair is growing but mostly in the back, he says "who dat" and "who is it " and momma and dada, he wears a size 3 shoe, he is in 12-18 month clothes, still sleeps through the night. 

They love their new carseats! We got them the Sunday after their 1st Birthday Party! Got a great deal on them too! Babies R Us rocks! We went to the Fair for the first time ! They actually got to see "BIG TEX" They had a blast seeing all the animals and shows! Grandpa Cano finally painted their new room, so they have their own room now.....ill post more pictures when I get it all decorated and finished! They LOVE playing together in there! Ive been looking for a chest of drawers for their room for their keep your eyes out! We also went to the Dentist for the 3rd time!  Love Dr. Fields! Their teeth are doing great! We brush 2 times a day and floss once a day! Love their lil pearly whites! Enjoy all the pictures!

Have a great weekend!
We got our BIG Carseats and we LOVE them!
We had a FUN trip the TEXAS state Fair!