Saturday, September 29, 2012

Ladies and Gentlemen.......Drum roll please....WE HAVE 2 WALKERS!

Yes! They are finally both walking!  Not fully yet, but we are super close!  I am the proudest mommy! They have been getting a lot of practice these days!  Wesley was being super lazy, but last weekend ....BAM he just started going at it! He was beating Zoey big time, but she is catching up! Stay thursday we go to our 3rd Dentist Appointment! Zoey now has 9 teeth and another one is coming in!  Wesley still has just 2! We also got to watch the rain!

Have a great weekend!

Proud mommy!
Preview of our year photos!
oooo rain.... :)

Zoey and Wesley's 1st birthday party!!

Saturday September 1st we had Zoey and Wesley's 1 st Monkey Birthday party! We had a blast! Tons of people came ! Babies were so worn out after everyone left !They fell asleep about 6pm that night. Enjoy the pics! Stay tuned for our year photos with Amy Mcgehee!
Our Cakes!
Before/ After
We LOVE cake!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

12 month stats ( sorry a lil late )

Zoey- Zoey is 19 lbs 9 oz 29 1/2 in tall, and her head circumference is 17 3/4 in.
She is walking, she has 8 teeth, still saying duck, still exploring all over the place, she gives hugs and kisses. Still sleeps through the night :) Says thank you ( in her own lil way ) 

Wesley- Wesley is 20 lbs 15.5 oz = 21 lbs pretty much. 31 1/2 in tall and his head circumference is 18 in. 
He is walking ( better than zoey as of this week ) he still has 2 teeth , He is still exploring all over the place.   He gives hugs and kisses.  Still sleeps through the night. He can pop his tongue.   

They LOVE their wagon they got for their 1st birthday party!  I will update with pics from their party this week I PROMISE!